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The Mission Configuration of sides and factions is a reference for the framework to identify the information about the faction including name, side and unit types associated.

The potential is to custom create your own factions with relative ease (especially when combined with the virtual armoury)


The entry for the mission sides config goes in the description.ext file. Display names can be used in task descriptions to flesh out task briefing s with additional detail.

Parameter Values Description
displayName STRING The abbreviated name of the side.
displayLongName STRING The long name of the side
displayColour STRING The marker colour of the side
side NUMBER 0=East, 1=West, 2=Independant, 3=Civilian
groups CLASS See side group configuration below
vehicles CLASS See side vehicle configuration below

Creating a Side

Creating Groups

Standard Groups

Disguised Groups

Creating Vehicle Groups

Side Configuration Example

class cfgMissionSides {
	class MY_CUSTOM_SIDE { // Example given is based on "OPF_F"
		displayName = "CSAT";
		displayLongName = "Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty";
		displayColour = "ColorOPFOR";
		side = 0;
		class Groups {
			class Squad_Type_1 {
				classNames[] = {"O_soldier_SL_F","O_soldier_TL_F","O_soldier_GL_F","O_medic_F"};
			class Squad_Type_2 {
				classNames[] = {"O_soldier_TL_F","","O_soldier_AT_F","O_soldier_AAT_F","O_medic_F"};
			class Squad_Type_3 {
				classNames[] = {"O_soldier_TL_F","O_Soldier_AA_F","O_Soldier_AA_F","O_Soldier_AAA_F"};
		class Vehicles {
			// WIP !TODO