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Editing PO4 Description


Porting to a new map

There are 3 steps to porting Patrol Ops to different maps by using the MPSF framework. This involves a little bit of effort in the editor now as generally maps are not set up properly with location information that we can use to generate missions.

  1. Loading or Generating Config Map Data
  2. Mission Editor Settings
  3. Merging Objects, Assets and Scripts

Loading or Generating Config Map Data

If there is no CfgMapData for the map you are porting to, you will need to generate a new config file for the map. This config file contains all the information about locations that Patrol Ops uses to create encounters, operations and other events.

| Youtube Tutorial

Locations are created by placing a logic down and synchronizing to a trigger (location size). In the logic init, set the following:

this setVariable ["MPSF_Location_Type",<STRING:Location Type>];

Locations can be anything that the framework or task will use.

Shack Forest Village Clearing Hill House Farm Villa Fuel Factory
Airport Military Tower Dock SportField Ruin Valley Office Crossroad more...

Once the map locations have been populated, it is time to run the map data generator.

[<numeric:size>,<bool:markers>] spawn MPSF_fnc_generateMapData;
Variable Description
NUMERIC: Cell Size The map is divided into cells or sectors to speed up performance. Default 1000m but on smaller maps test 500m
BOOL: Markers Shows the locations as they are recorded to assess progress

It can take up to 2 hours (Altis) to generate the config which is then stored into your clipboard to be pasted in a file stored in mpsf/maps. Add in the following to mpsf/configuration.hpp line ~47

 5: class CfgMissionFramework {
47:	class MapData {
48:		#include "maps\mymapdatafile.hpp"
49:	};

Once the map data is loaded, you do not need the logics and triggers all over the map so create a backup and remove them all to start with a clean slate.

Mission Editor Settings

Set up the mission parameters based on the default mission

Merging Objects, Assets and Scripts

Merge with a previous copy to bring across all the items and place them appropriately at a base selected.

Editing Factions

Changing the player faction Changing the enemy faction

Editing Squads

Changing the squad setup

Editing Armoury

Adding or Changing Load-outs

Editing Recruitment

Adding or Changing AI Recruitment Options

Editing Vehicle Depot

Adding or changing parameters to the vehicle depots

Adding Languages

Adding Localised Langauages