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A mission Game mode developed for the RV engine, Patrol Operations is a dynamic, random mission generator that is great for both mass public play and clan tactical gaming. Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriately.


Patrol Operations is a co-operative mission game mode for Bohemia Interactive Studio's ARMA Series designed on the Real Virtuality engine. The mission is set on various terrains and is configured for different sides with a diverse and randomly tasks.

Patrol Ops allows players to work as a team to engage in scale-able tactical missions that are scaled in difficulty to the number of players connected. It is designed to randomise locations, enemy forces and scenarios to ensure players have a new and different experience every time the mission is played.


Originally designed as a random tactical mission for OCB, Patrol Operations evolved rapidly as a dynamic mission generator with random objectives designed for combined arms co-operative tactical game-play by larger groups of players.

The first version was developed in January 2011 for Arma 2 and was initially an adaption of the work by Bon_Inf* from his mission Takistan Force however. It was only available internally to OCB members on the tactical server and was not made available to the public.

After such a positive response from members, Patrol Operations 2 was released to the public in November 2011 after being overhauled to support better multi-player functionality and missions made more dynamic.

With the arrival of Arma 3, by November 2013 a huge volume of requests drove the release of Patrol Operations 3. The development was rushed and the framework was cut down due to bugs in the early versions of ARMA 3. As the game stabilised, Patrol Operations 3.1 was released with some expanded functionality, newer missions and bug fixes.

With the development of Patrol Operations 4 for Arma 3, the underlying mission framework has undergone a full re-write (again) to move to a simpler configuration setup. This increases single-player & multiplayer support seamlessly and allows more extensible mission options with full upgrades for the future. It also restores and adds many features that were removed in Patrol Ops 3.


Version Game Released Description
Patrol Operations Arma 2 January 2011 US Army Vs Takistan Army on Takistan
Patrol Operations 2 Arma 2 & VBS3 November 2011 Mixed Sides and Islands
Patrol Operations 3 Arma 3 November 2013 Mixed Sides on Altis
Patrol Operations 4 Arma 3 Apex Q3 2017* Mixed Sides and Islands

License and Community Edits

Please discuss with Roy86 before publishing any dependencies of code derived from his work. []

Patrol Operations allows derivative works however reproduction and public distribution of the original with any amendments is not permitted without expressed permission.


Patrol Operations is available to download and host on any server for non-commercial purposes

Editing and Configuration

Patrol Operations 4 uses the new mission framework MPSF and any configuration is in-line with the instructions associated with the framework. Please see the below links to learn how to adjust common parts of Patrol Ops to meet your community needs.

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